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تصحيح الموضوع الثاني في اللغة الانجليزية شعبة الآداب والفلسفة BAC2014

      تصحيح الموضوع الثاني في اللغة الانجليزية 

                شعبة الآداب والفلسفة

Part One :
1/- True / false  :
(B) —-false
(C) —-True
2/finding  wich paragraph :
– (a) – paragraph —04
-(b) – paragraph—-03
3/ answering questions according to the text :
a. it can be misused when some employees use it to spread in appropriate websites or videos to collogues .
b. Diffrent ways to steal time from a company are :
_ comming late and leaving early .
_ running personal matters while travellling on a cmopany business.
_ spending time on Internet surfing without aim .
c. He can get extra financial gain unethically by being paid without giving any productivity as wasting time doing  other things
(a )—his  refer to —employee .
(b)— it refer to — the company
5/ choosing the general idea :
b- morally unacceptable behaviours may occur at work .


1/ matching the words :
3_( A)
2/ giving the opposite:
a- moral # immoral
b-  fair# unfair
c- responsible# irrespnsible
d- behave # misbehave

a. as long as you behave ethically your busniss will prosper.
b. It is hard to eradicate corruption so that it is widespread .
3. After the employees had stopped misusing the internet .the company ‘s productivity increased .

4/  the Prononciation :
peacticies  . manages ـ ـــــــ/IZ/
behaviours ــــــــ /Z/
takes ـــــــ /S/
(1) —-Fight
(2) —-Time
(3) —-If
(4)— integrity

 Part 02 :
choosing one topic and write by following the instructions giving.
your sister meryem wish you a good luck :) ♥



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