Published On: ven, Mai 3rd, 2013

best dental center in qatar

apollo  clinic is good with reasonable cost. But choose your doctor.There is a maxillofacial guy on their dental team.Ask for him.From muntazah signal on c ring road take a left (if you are coming from ramada)keep going ll find it at the right side just before the second signal

Good dentists are not cheap. Remember the saying when you pay peanuts you get monkeys??? Well that also applies to your dentist. You guys want to be paid for a good job done, so do the dentists.

Your teeth are an important part of your well being. So you should get the best. There are several dentists that do a good job, which includes Dr Sarrah’s clinic. They use the right materials and do the right procedures. Ofcourse you can try a CHEAP place but remember, they are taking shortcuts some where…..and in the end you are paying for it.

I was discussing with my dentist the fact that there were so many new dental clinics opening all over Doha and if this was a worry to him. He said that no way, he was not worried at all cos he said that he had heard from the medical rep that the first questions these new clinics were asking: « What is the cheapest we can buy? » This was in relation to equipment and materials………do you want the cheapeststuff used on you? No not me, I rather go to a reputable dentist and get a good job/treatment. However the choice is your. And by the way I am not a patient of Dr Sarrah, but I know she is good, cos the good dentists hang around together and discuss cases. And Dr Sarrah is highly talked about by my own dentist.

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